Story Contest I [2] Rules: A female characer (any series) needs to go. But they can not use a toilet or go in their panties. Outside, impromtu toilets or any other means is acceptable.
Story Contest XIII [1]

Still in Diapers: A grown up girl (teen-adult) who still uses diapers for whatever reason.

Story Contest II [2] Rules: A female character (again, any series) is desperate to go, but is stuck with an unwanted guest.
Story Contest XIV [1] Desperate Teacher A teacher (any subject) badly needs to use the bathroom while she\'s teaching her class.
Story Contest III [3] Rules: Code Lyoko is the central theme, anything is game. Anything is acceptable, but must use characters from this series.
Story Contest XV (A) [2] What happened during...? Basically a sort of "deleted scene", "meanwhile, etc. that takes place in a story when a female character was absent.
Story Contest XXVI [2] Vandalism Same as before. A girl uses her waste to purposely wreck something. Maybe she utterly destroys a toilet, desecrates a shrine, wipes with important papers, pees in somebody's cake batter, or has an "accident" in a borrowed dress. Just so long as she's deliberately ruining something that doesn't belong to her.
Story Contest IV [2] story of a bladder desperation problem ultimately solved by the powers (magical, telekinetic etc.) of the chosen character.
Story Contest XV (B) [0] General Medieval Fantasy Character must use something other than a modern toilet during the story, for pee or for poop.
contest [1] old contest
Story Contest V [1] guy switches bodies with young girl, and has to take a dump not in panties/clothes.
Story Contest XVI [3] Anything Goes Duh, anything is fair game . Basically we write whatever the frikafrak we feel like, of course within the realms of the site's usual stanards.
Story Contest XXVII [2] Scoot Over! Two friends, enemies, etc. use the same receptacle at the exact same time. It can be as simple as sitting on each other's laps on the toilet, or something more complicated like straddling a trash can or sharing a diaper. The point is their discomfort at performing something so gross so close to one another.
Story Contest VI [2] Toilet-related ghost story.
Story Contest XVII [1] Egg-laying/Oviposition A fic where instead of the girl being desperate to pee, (though it can be added if wanted), she has to lay an egg or eggs, the girl can be aware that she lays eggs or not; maybe she has a schedule of when she lays and gets the times/days mixed up and ends up having to lay in a public place, or maybe the whole process of laying an egg is alien to her and she's caught in a less than ideal situation. OR, an unlucky girl is the victim of an Oviposition and as a result, is forced to lay an egg ether alone somewhere or in public.
Story Contest XXVIII [1] Improvised Wiping: A girl just finished her business, and there's no toilet paper around.  She has to use something unusual to wipe herself clean.
Story Contest VII [1] Hold it contest.
Story Contest XVIII [3] Magic Problems
Story about the lesser told problems concerning magic and toilet issues.
Story Contest XXIX [2] Theme: Precious Waste

Description: A character's urine or feces is sought after for some reason. Maybe water is extremely scarce, or she drank a potion that's active ingredient passes through her unchanged, or she's so permeated with magic that her waste has mystical properties, or she's the only source of fertilizer for an exotic plant, or she swallowed some sort of MacGuffin and is due to pass it.
Story Contest VIII [1] Utility Waste
Story Contest XIX [2] Adult Potty Training:

An adult woman or teenage girl has to be taught how to use a regular toilet.
Story Contest XXX [2] In It to Win It
This theme centers around some form of competition. Could be a situation where two people are trying to hold it for longer than the other, could be a situation where one is trying to outdo the other in size, smelliness, etc. Or, it could even be competition not directly related, such as athletes trying to get first prize while battling desperation/constipation/the stench of their opponent's noxious farts. Either way, someone has to be trying to best someone or something, even their own previous personal best.
Story Contest IX [2] giantess needing the not-so-little girls room.
Story Contest XX [2] A Big Girl Uses the Potty
An adult woman or teenage girl pees and/or poops in a child's potty. It could be because she's desperate and it's her best choice, or because she's adventurous, or because she's regressed mentally, or because she's been magically shrunken, or because she lost a bet, or because someone is forcing her to humiliate herself in order to crush her spirit, or for any other reason you can think of.
Story Contest XXXI: Laxative Mislabeling [1] Laxative Mislabeling: Exactly what it says; either someone drinks something they shouldn't have by accident or someone makes something look innocuous on purpose, leading someone else (perhaps even the original someone, funnily enough) to unwittingly quaff a concoction most foul...
Story Contest X [3] Even tough chicks have to go sometime
Story Contest XXI [1] what happened during...?: Princess/ Kidnapped Damsel Edition Basically the same as the Contest XV (A), except it's exclusively about what happened to a princess or kidnapped character while she was imprisoned by the villain/ bad guys. Can be either canon kidnappings from games (like Zelda, Mario, etc. Or fictional adventures (like say Bowser kidnaps Rosalina from Mario Galaxy, or Ashley from RE4, during either of her captures). The story must depict the girl doing her business in some way, either improvising, or using a means provided to her.
Story Contest XXXII: Too Much To Handle [2]
A woman overfills a toilet in the process of using the bathroom, but she isn't finished. She needs to find another way to deal with the rest of her waste, and quickly. Her solution could be mundane (the bathtub or something), or it could be rather unusual.
Story Contest XI [2] A hard day's work
Story Contest XXII [2] Picture story
A story, pee, poop, combo, etc, that comes from a picture or series of pictures, the scene in the picture must play out in the fic.
Story Contest XXXIII: With Interest [0] A woman finds something (magic, technology, or otherwise) that allows her to eat and drink without ever having to poop and/or pee. However, one day, she loses access to whatever was seemingly magically removing her waste. Suddenly, the waste that she had avoided beforehand makes a surprise appearance, leaving a woman with days/weeks/months worth of stuff to let out.
Story Contest XII [2] Halloween
Story Contest XXIII [2] Psychic connectionSomehow, two (or more) girls share a mental link. Think the one shared by Demona and McBeth in Gargoyles, what one feels, the other does as well. Meaning that if one of the girls is taking a huge dump, the other one will feel like she is as well. Or one has to pee, and her partner is freaking out as they think they're going to pee themselves with nothing to actually get wet from.
Story Contest XXXIV: Under Maintenance [0] Due to routine plumbing maintenance, the water to a school/apartment/office needs to be shut off for several hours leaving the toilets unusable or at least unflushable. This results in one or a number of women having to hold off on their restroom breaks while going about their day. This could lead to accidents, improvised toilets, the embarrassment of using a toilet that cannot flush, trying to find another working toilet or making it just in time when the water returns.
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