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Summary: Any story with a Bleach female having to drop a load due to a laxative for revenge. Have the girl where she can't find a bathroom in time and does shit herself. Also I would like a lot of stomach noises being audible.
Categories: Bleach Characters: None
Summary: It's Rukia's first day in the 13th Division of the Gotei 13, and she's LATE!  She rushes through her morning activities and heads to a barracks as fast as she can, barely making it to the barracks on time for orientation. Unfortunately, in her haste Rukia forgot to pee, leaving Rukia pretty desperate as the 8 cups of green tea from last night and the quick 2 cups of water and milk (one cup of each) have started to run their course.  On top of it all, Rukia is new to the layout of the Squad Barracks, which means she doesn't know where the bathroom is.  Will Rukia be able to find a place to pee, or will her first day in the Gotei 13 be the most humiliating day of her life?

(Note I want it to end with her meeting Kaien at the room we see in the anime.  Wetting herself in front of her idol would be more embarrassing than anything else I could think of, don't ya think?)
Categories: Bleach Characters: Rukia Kuchiki
Summary: I need a story where Orihime from Bleach needs to take a rather large dump. But every time she has to something comes up and stops her from doing so. Any poop related fetishes are allowed.
Categories: Bleach Characters: Orihime Inoue

Orihime invites Tatsuki over for breakfast one day before the girls go to school and talks her friend into trying one of her newly-developed dishes, which Tatsuki refuses to touch.  Orihime, still hungry, decides to eat it all by hersel so that she doesn't waste anything, and the girls head to school.  After arriving at the school, Orihime begins to complan about having stomach cramps  While at school a warning goes out that the neighboring police staton has been chasing a criminal in the area and thinks that he might be in the area of the school.  As a result, the teachers decide to lock the classrooms and keep the students inside.  This proves bad for Orihime, who has started to suffer from a bout of diarreha caused by her food cocktale.  Will Orihime be able to hold out until the alarm is over?

Once Again, brought over from a another site. 

Categories: Bleach Characters: None