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November 12th, 11:08 AM Actions…Facefart69 » I really have wanted to see some more Android 18 Fart/Scat stories, they are all great but there aren't many
October 26th, 10:24 PM Actions…Ommaley »
October 13th, 10:28 AM Actions…MyndBlown »
September 23rd, 06:54 AM Actions…T3hL33tSnake » I'm more of a voyeurist anyway.
July 12th, 04:22 AM Actions…Zeroith Zenith » 'sup
June 25th, 04:12 PM Actions…Ommaley »
June 20th, 04:20 AM Actions…FlowerFlour » eh, "different strokes" i say.
June 5th, 01:47 AM Actions…MyndBlown » I just read up on some fetishes, and I learnt that scat is one of the highest orders of them. Apparently, it's just under creepy shit like rape! That's fucking scary.
June 3rd, 02:00 PM Actions…XxAbsolutelyCrazyxX » How could anyone believe in God after being on this site.
June 1st, 07:44 PM Actions…MyndBlown » I know that, but I the truth is a fact.
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