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Summary: After a fight with a powerful digimon, Zoe is losing control of her Legendary Spirit of Wind. The other five boys knew that Zoe cuts the cheese more often then any of them combined, with loud, honking farts. But with this new problem, she blasts tornado force farts, leaving destruction in the wake of her booty. And to make matters worse, the group gets separated. So...who is the unlucky boy who gets stuck with the Italian fart cannon on this adventure?
Categories: Digimon Frontier Characters: Junpei , Koichi Kimura, Koji Minamoto, Takuya Kanabara, Tommy Himi, Zoe Orimoto

Some days when you just got nothing to do at work, take a break, relax, and crap. It's just a boring day when Yoshino, Miki, and Megumi all end up using the toilet at the same time. What might they discuss? Would they gossip about boys? Or something totally unexpected?

Basically a buddy dump fic, much like Bones' "Pride and Privacy" story.

Categories: Digimon Savers (Data Squad) Characters: Megumi Shirakawa, Miki Kurosaki, Yoshino Fujieda
Summary: Summary: Kari and Davis were helping to put away the basketball equipment after class one day when they get locked in the storage closet together. Davis sees this as a great opportunity, since he get's to be alone with Kari for a bit.  Kari, however, sees this as her worst nightmare: 1) she's trapped in a small room with Davis, 2) she's needed to pee pretty bad for a while. On top of it all, she doesn't want Davis to know she has to use the bathroom. The next class to use anything in the room won't be there for about two hours, can Kari hold out until then?
Categories: Digimon Zero Two Characters: None