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Summary: A three part story centered around Leena Tauros having a desperate need to poop.

Part 1:
After having an exceptionally large meal with Bit and the others, Leena wakes up in the middle of the night with an explosive case of diarrhea, and, after a long and desperate struggle, eventually makes it to the bathroom.

The next day, Brad, and Bit are all set for their Zoid battle. Having not told the others about her midnight evacuation, Leena enters the battle with them, hoping that her fight from the night before was offically over.  Her hopes are dashed, however, when she is hit with the second wave in the middle of the fight. After a long, agonizingly painful struggle, Leena eventually abandons the battle and heads for the Hover Cargo in order to relieve herself.  She makes to the toilet, but just barely.
Part 3:
After being forced to reveal her predicament to her team, Leena's dad decides to keep her out of Zoid battles until she is feeling better.  Outraged, Leena decides to take drastic measures and uses a powerful laxative that she found in order to cleanse her bowels.  Before the laxative could take effect, however, Dr. Tauros sends Leena and Bit out on an errand, and Leena is forced to go out into te city with a laxative running through here system.  On their way back to the Hover Cargo, Leena's laxative kicks in.  After what seemed like an eternity (it would only be about 20 minutes of riding time) Leena eventually begs Bit to pull over so she can go into a convience store in the hopes of finding a restroom.  After several minutes begging the clerk for the keys to the bathroom, however, Leena's Bowels begin to move on their own, and Leena is put in the most embarrassing situation she's been in in a long time.
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