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After 1 of their many arguments, Usagi and Rei make a bet.  They are each going to drink a glass of water every 20 minutes.  If Rei caves and goes to the bathroom 1st, she has to promise not to say anything bad about Usagi for a whole month.  But, if Usagi caves and goes to the bathroom 1st, she has to promise not to complain about anything for a month.  As the planned contest draws nearer and tempers flare, other senshi throw their hats in the ring.  In the end, all the Inner Senshi participate in the contest except for Makoto, who is the impartial judge. 

The final rules are as follows.

If Rei pees last: Usagi promises not to complain for a month.

If Usagi pees last: Rei promises not to insult Usagi for a month.

If Minako pees last: Rei and Usagi both promise be nice to each other for a month.

If Ami pees last: Everyone promises not to goof off during their study sessions for a month.

If Rei pees 1st: Same as if Usagi pees last.

If Usagi pees 1st: Same as if Rei pees last.

If Minako pees 1st: She has to go on a date with an annoying boy who has a crush on her.

If Ami pees 1st: She has to announce her crush on Urawa Ryo to everyone she meets at school the next day.

Categories: Sailor Moon Characters: Sailor Jupiter - Makoto Kino, Sailor Mars - Rei Hino, Sailor Mercury - Ami Mizuno, Sailor Moon - Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Venus - Minako Aino