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Stories featuring the girls from Ladies versus Butlers in some kind of toilet related situation.


For example:


* A story with the young looking Mimina, and how despite looking so childlike, she can drop a huge load


* Hedyeh accompanying Ayse to the bathroom, where both proceed to drop some serious cable


* Selnia needing to pee quite badly

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Tomomi Saikyo and Selnia Iori Flameheart are both on their way to take a much needed pee, and wind up arriving at the same bathroom.  When they arrive at the bathroom, they, like always, begin tauting each other and arguing.  This time, however, Tomomi taunts Selnia about her inablility to go without a pee break for too long.  Selnia, angered by Tomomi's taunt, challenges Tomomi to a contest.  From that moment on, neither of them can use the bathroom until classes finished that day, and the fist one to give in and run to the bathroom or wet themselves would be the loser.

 Note:  I want Selnia to beat Tomomi this time, and i want Selnia to make it to a toilet afterwards just to add insult to injury. 

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4 bored girls decide to play a game.

There are 8 drinks on the table and one has had a powerful (im talking atomic bomb) laxative added to it. As they tempt fate and start drinking one girl strikes brown gold.

The 3 others decide to play a few pranks on their desperate friend, such as barring the toilet door and stimulate her needs.

end it how you wish, mess or make it

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Summary: Saria might have bitten more than she can chew when she accepted a daring challenge from the other Kokoris. She wants to prove how tough she is in any situation, so one of Kokoris dared her to see how long she can hold in her stool before she can relieve herself. Can Saria manage to hold in her solid waste before the day is done?
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Summary: I would like someone to do a story based on this image, where. Lightning soils and wets herself while facing a minster. This has to happen at some point
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Summary: Imagine a female Centaur magically disguised as a human woman. But in this form she still requires the same amount of nourishment as in her true form, and still produces the same amount of waste. This challenge is pretty wide open. Just so long as an unsuspecting person witnesses this "woman" peeing literally like a horse, and that one of her transformations is described (preferably some uncomfortable morphing with limbs splitting apart/melting together and body parts awkwardly reshaping themselves one at a time). Besides that, you can just have fun writing whatever you like. Background info: I don't have any data on imaginary beings, but I can tell you some facts about horses from reliable sources. A typical 1,000 pound horse under normal circumstances drinks 42 liters of water and consumes 27 pounds dry weight per day. It urinates 4 times a day totalling 9 liters, and defecates 9 times a day totalling 37 pounds. However you remix that with human anatomy, the results are going to be remarkable.
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A young tourist/backpacker comes across a number of cities with some very strange bathroom rituals.

  • One town has "wetting rooms" instead of bathrooms where every stall has no toilet—just a fancy carpet to go on.
  • Another town has to charge people to use its public facilities—but gives out plain white underwear for free to those who don't or can't make it.
  • In yet another town, the local juice bar and the lingerie shop try to drum up business for each other—the models promote the drinks, but the resulting accidents have the women lining up to buy new undies 24/7! 
  • Diapers, wetting, and public urination suddenly become very attractive options for the desperate when a town's water main suddenly bursts and the police evacuate everyone from their houses.
  • The holding contests are the weekly highlight of one small town's young females. Amateurs are allowed the privacy of diapers and the ability to hold themselves, but real pros have to sit with their legs apart and wet their own, often-customized panties!

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In this story, Su talks Keitaro into playing hide and seek with her in the tunnels of Hinata Sou. While crawling through them, he finds himself at a secret opening behind an air vent in the bathroom. Unfortunately, he came at a time where one of the girls was taking a dump. He's too far back in the tunnel to be seen, but he knows if he tries to leave and he'll be heard and "punished". Now Keitaro has to keep quiet while suffering though loud noises and horrible smells until the girl in question leaves and he can make his way back through the tunnel.


This can go any number of ways.

He's passes out in the tunnel from the smell.

Another girl comes in when the first one is finished. 

He's found and beaten up

Your choice. 


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