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Can be given a title by the author.


Basically a girl has to poop, but can't leave the place she's in (like a bake sale, cash register, etc). Either she herself, or a friend then helps her by pulling down her pants, and using napkins or towels to catch her poop as it emerges.


Can be used with any series, or be original.

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Using his all seeing Byakugan, Neji can see through the walls of the ladies bathrooms and spend the whole day happily watching girls relieve themselves.

 This is also a great chance to reveal what some of the naruto girls do when they think they are alone in the privacy of the throne.

 This is a really open topic and you can choose how it ends. (maybe Hinata will catch him in the act)

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I'm not very knowledgable on characters. Basically, for this, you need 2 characters from a series; 1 that's very shy and quiet and any other. 

The story is, they go on a camping trip and the shy one soon needs to "go". However, the toilet facilities is just an outhouse with 2 holes next to each other, no partitions. The girl tries to hold it, but after 3 of the 5 days they are there she can't take it anymore and sneaks out at night to try and empty herself in privacy, but as she gets seated someone walks in.

Follow that guideline and you can't go wrong for this challenge. However, the girl must not be won over; she is as humiliated upon getting relief as she is for having to go in public to begin with. Just some extra notes: her crap will obviously hurt, since she's been holding it 3 days, but no exaggerated grunts because with her being so embarrassed about it she would be as quiet as she could. Also, you don't need to describe the preceeding days in detail, just mention that she's been holding it.

Oh, and yes, the other girl who comes also takes a crap.

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Summary: A guy hears that a certain girl has a weak bladder, and to get a girl to wet herself, because he has a thing for that, all without her realizing what he's up to. He could buy her lots of drinks, tickle her, startle her, take her places with no restrooms, "accidentally" lock them both inside someplace, render the only available toilet nonfunctional, or come up with excuses to block the restroom or keep her away from it. Or he could do each thing on the list and more. This can use characters from anything. The stipulations are that she has to wet herself, she has to not be into wetting, and the guy has to try things for a long time before she finally wets herself. Ideally, plans A and B fail, but plan C makes her wet herself after he's wasted the whole day on this scheme. And then she realizes that he wanted her to wet herself, and isn't pleased.
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Summary: Kagome accidentally sees Inu-Yasha "marking his territory," resulting in an awkward scene. To make them even, he makes her agree to let him watch her pee outside.
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Summary: A pop star's been holding her load in throughout her entire recording session, and dashes out of the booth as fast as possible once she's done. Naturally, the bathrooms are unavailable for whatever reason, so the celebrity ducks into a soundproof recording booth to have a seemingly private (and very noisy) accident in her designer pants. But when she turns to face the microphones, she is met with the shocked stares of the audio crew that just broadcasted her "session" live...
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