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Story Request (Bladder-filling)

This is based on the @Markj9494“Customers Come First” found here:

The basic premise for the story I want is this;

There is a quite nice but rather small hotel located in a prime downtown part of a small city. Similar to what happened in the original story, a burst water main has knocked the hotel’s toilets out of commission. The hotel’s employees (all female by virtue of the shift) are gotten together by the general manager (who could bear some relation to Sandra, the manager from the first story, up to you) who lets them know that in order to keep the hotel running smoothly, the patrons must have someplace to relieve themselves, and the temporary portapotties are nowhere near adequate. As a result, a new service will he added to the rooms; the employees can be summoned for the patrons to be allowed to pee into their bladders, the hotel workers acting as a sort of “middle (wo)man” to take the pressure and then deposit it in the portapotties. 

Of course, there are all sorts of complications, from the open bar producing lots of desperate patrons eager to flood the poor employees with pee, to a company retreat for a Sports Drink conpany feeling the woeful effects of an overindulgence of their product, to a a group of disgruntled guests showing their annoyance at some inconvenience by intentionally filling up in order to fill every employee bladder they can, to whatever else you can think of. 


That’s a basic framework; the rest is up to you. :3

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Summary: Two models get into a social media fight over who can wear the "big-girl look" the best. Initially the feud erupts over simple things like their selfies in diaper-print swimsuits and training pants, and escalates when one model goes the ageplay way and starts posting about how much she loves being babied and wearing frilly dresses, while the other starts to delve into diaper fetishism and pants soiling with increasingly elaborate diapers and scenarios. Eventually after a lot of acrid reposting and commenting for all the Internet to see, the two meet up in some ridiculous climax of your choice.
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Summary: Android 18 was in Bulma's lab attempting to find a suplment to give a person a burst of energy as well as give them a permanet boost in energy levels. She wanted to give this to Vegeta beacuse of his consant complaints of not being able to train long enough and she had forgotten his birthday three times in a row. She had become quit the scientist with Bulma's help as she used science as a hobby. Bulma however was having trouble finding test subjects to test the new drug, since she(android 18) herself had asked Bulma for help, she decided to test it herself. After taking it nothing happened but the next morning after her daily four cups of coffee, to help her focus in the lab, she started to feel funny but just waved it off. The drug it turns out had only boosted her intestinal system sensitivity and had become very fragil and because for slightly weak stomach coffee gave them diarrhea Android 18's practiclly defenceless system was in trouble. After she took a few notes in her lab alone due to it being sunday, and large amount of gas was building up in her. It finnally got to a point were she couldent hold it anymore and she lets out a large wet fart. She was startled but decides to let out a few more farts to help ease the preasure but after her third fart she was doing it uncontroblly. She just lets it go thinking it will pass put after a few miniutes but a large fart put a big stain on her painties she rushes to a restroom (up the stairs) and let out tremondous diarrhea.(I think it would make a good story)
Categories: Dragon Ball Z Characters: Android 18
Summary: 2 girls any series both make it the the bathroom at the same time must decide who gets to go first and second 
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