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*from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt*

Something to do with Panty and Stocking holding in pee. Maybe a ghost has created a brand of drink that makes you need to pee really bad but stops you from taking of your clothes so your only options are to wet yourself or hold it and Panty and Stocking buy it because it says its sweet (for stocking) and sexual (for panty). You don't have to use that, anything similar is ok, even just a holding contest if you want. You can choose if they make it or not. 

Categories: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Characters: Panty, Stocking
Summary: One night in Palutena's temple, Pit accidentally catches his Goddess in a hot spring enjoying herself when he was supposed to be working. It burns the image into his mind and sparks an interest to spy on her. But exactly how far will he go with this?
Categories: Kid Icarus Characters: Pit
Summary: Two high powered executive businesswomen are taken hostage by some armed men breaking into their office. They are tied up and made to face each other, sitting in opposite chairs. Both complain about slightly having to pee. One of their captors is especially sadistic and connects the two womens' urethras with a catheter, saying that if one of them wants to pee, she has to pee into the other woman. As time goes on and each woman's bladder fills even more, the prospect of  relieving herself into her colleague grows ever inviting... 

Include begging, promises of money or gifts, or whatever you want.  

Bonus points if the women don't particularly like each other at first, but come out of the experience close friends...or maybe more than friends...
Categories: None Characters: None

That's basically what it is. Try to think of a story of one of the girls in pokemon having to pee and something is keeping her from doing it.

Categories: Pokemon Characters: None
Summary: I want Dawn, May and/or Misty to be humiliated in front of the other 2 by going to the bathroom i her pants. Everything else is up to you
Categories: Pokemon Characters: Dawn

Both needing to relieve their bowels, May and Jessie head towards the only toilet. After some argueing on who goes first they decide to settle it with a battle.

 Its not easy to command a pokemon in battle when you gotta poop. But Jessie decides to play dirty and starts comanding her pokemon to stimulate May, such as punch her in the stomach or tickling her. But may has a few tricks up her sleeve.

 choose who you want to win.

Categories: Pokemon Characters: Jessie, May
Summary: Any female country from Axis Powers Hetalia/Nyotalia with their pooping habits from squatting/sitting toilets to outdoors.
Categories: Other Characters: None

A desperation fic with Samus. By the time her mission is complete, she's dying for a leak. Naturally it takes forever to get her armor off, since she's all shaky and fidgety from her critical bladder pressure. In the end our proud and powerful bounty hunter is reduced the level of a little girl, holding herself and running to the spaceship's restroom hoping she can hold it in until she's on the pot with her panties down.

Categories: Metroid Characters: Samus Aran
Summary: The sister princesses Peach and Daisy Toadstool are both kidnapped by Bowser Koopa and held prisoner in a cage. Daisy isn't used to being kidnapped, and is worried about the lack of facilities and the time they will have to wait for their inevitable rescue. But Peach isn't concerned because she has a "secret weapon" to preserve her dignity. She shares this secret with Daisy while they wait to be rescued.
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: Another potty training premise. Our star is some poor sheltered girl who's been raised by machines from birth to young adulthood, and is now on her own in the big world outside. The machines took care of everything she needed, but somebody forgot to include in their programming that they should stop changing her diapers when she reached a certain age and teach her to use the toilet instead. As a result, she has made it into her teens, perhaps twenties, without being potty trained. Since she's had little communication with the outside world, she doesn't realize that everybody her age isn't running around in diapers. She's in for a humiliating time!
Categories: Original Characters: None
Summary: Story must have the following: Massive Diarrhea, Accidents, Public Humility, and Great Detail. Characters can be Original or Anime.
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: A Halloween-themed story where a desperate girl uses a jack-o-lantern as a toilet for lack of better options.
Categories: Original Characters: None
Summary: MM! Mio has come with a new method to cure Tarou’s masochism: Smell torture! She’s been following a diet of beans, sweet potato, cauliflowers and lots of gassy food so she can punish the stupid pig with the results! Sadly, such a diet eventually ends backfiring, but Mio never loses an opportunity to punish Tarou.
Categories: None Characters: None

A schoolgirl really has to poop bad, but everytime she tries to get to the bathroom something prevents her from using it, a little bit into her last class she loses it and her body tries to push the poo out, but since shes sitting in her chair and pressing her butt against it, it wont come out very far and she keeps involentarily trying to push it out, near the end of the class period the teacher calls on her to answer a question, and she has to stand to do it, she knows shell lose it if she stands so she tries to make some excues to stay seated, but she ends up having to do it anyways and has an accident in front of her whole class

prefeferably a schoolgirl from an existing show like azumanga daioh or lucky star, but original is alright too

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