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Summary: Yosuga no Sora. Lazy Soraís diet mainly consists of junk food, junk food, and also junk food. That canít be good for your stomach. Sadly, the toilet is out of commission, so Sora will have to dare to walk outside and search for a nice spot on the forest. For extra fun, Haruka should offer helping her, making Sora blush.
Categories: None Characters: None

Claire finds herself trapped in the Battle Game mode of Code Veronica...In her alternate costume. Claire finds the outfit impratical (cause let's face it...Tank top, hotpants, and go-go boots in the cold?) but does like the equipment she has in tow.

Course, her bladder and bowels don't exactly agree with the mixed herb she had in her possession and to her dismay it's coming out one way or another. 


Poor Claire would soon wish Umbrella gave her another pair of their hotpants, cause at the end of things, she'll mess the only pair she's wearing. :)

Categories: Resident Evil Characters: Claire Redfield
Summary: In this story, Wesker has abducted four of the RE girls and he has fiendish plans for them. Of these plans, he injects enemas in Claire, Jill, Rebecca and Ada to see who can hold in their stool the longest. Alternate endings can be included.
Categories: Resident Evil Characters: Ada Wong, Albert Wesker, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Rebecca Chambers

Some fantasy or sci-fi story where the mind of a teenage girl or adult woman ends up temporarily occupying the body of a young girl. This body gives the woman/girl much less bowel and bladder control than she's used to, leading to inconvenience and embarrassment.

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