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Videl begins her training with Gohan to control Ki and learn to fly.


However, she misunderstands his instructions and holds off on going to the bathroom (somehow thinking he meant she had to "contain everything" or a similar phrasing). During one of her exercises to fly, Videl finds herself on the verge of an accident.

Categories: Dragon Ball Z Characters: Gohan, Videl
Summary: A woman fighter of some sort is kidnapped and her mind probed by a telepath to find and erase vital information she has that could be used against her enemies. It's interrupted when she's rescued, and her strategic knowledge remains intact. But either by accident or out of spite the telepath erases all her knowledge and memories of toilets and their use, so once she's rescued she has to be potty trained all over again. This could be an "X-Men" fic, since an obscure villain called the Postman had the ability to delete memories and concepts from people's minds.
Categories: Original Characters: None
Summary: This challenge is based on a Japanese pun. A euphemism for urine is 聖水 ("seisui", holy water), which is also one of the traditional vampire weaknesses. It should be a well known vampire from a series that features them (Moka from Rosario [ideally Inner], Mina Tepes from Vampire Bund or my personal choice, any of the vampire ninjas from KoreZom). The vampire girl's thirst for blood is going out of control, so the only way to stop them is for one of their female companions to urinate on them. It works, and probably leads to something kinky afterwards.
Categories: Other Characters: None

"Oh I shouldn't have had those tacos. Oh man i gotta  take a dump. Oh thank goodness a bathroom. Relief her i co- WHAT THE HELL ARE THE TOILETS DOING HANGING FROM THE CIELING....I CANT REACH THEM."

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