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Summary: I would like to see a Valkyria chronicles fanfiction. Anything goes really just as long as the story includes the characters: Jane Turner, Lynn or Marina Wulfstan.
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Alicia, the Princess of Dipan, has two souls inside of her. One is her own soul and the other is Valkyrie Silmeria.

It will be interesting to see how Silmeria helps Alicia in her struggle to relieve her bowel after a week of constipation. Maybe using her Valkyrie's power?
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Summary: Ok, the Scooby Gang are investigating a large, old, abandoned house. Velma is teamed with shaggy and scooby (as usual) when the 'urge' hits her. Making up some excuse, she seperates from the boys in order to search for facilities. However, her search is turning up fruitless, and her urge is growing worse and worse. being the shy girl that she is, she'd never just pull her panties down and just go. Eventually she finds herself lost, and her urge is unbearable. Searching for the guys, she wonders in to a room. While searching in it, her need becomes too great. She finally hobbles to a corner, squats, and lets the contents of her bladder come pouring out, soaking her panties. I want someone to right a story around that, and would be extremely greatful if someone would. Poor Velma gets left out of everything, so I figure its time someone gave the poor girl something, even if its just a pair of piss soaked panties. Thanks guys, have a good one!!
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Summary: Have Videl in an embarrassing situation where she has to go into her pants, while trying to hide, but only to be found by Gohan.
Categories: Dragon Ball Z Characters: Videl