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Summary: A yandere really has to go, but is so obsessed with her boyfriend that she can't find a good opportunity/can't be bothered to go until she's at her limit. Even when on the toilet, she is tracking her boyfriend with her phone, perhaps getting up in the middle of it if she sees something she doesn't like. Future Diary fic?
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Summary: A woman with poor holding skills is taking a long car trip with her husband or boyfriend. Every time they do this he has to make frequent restroom stops for her sake, and it's become a running joke between them. This time, before she gets in the car, she pulls up her skirt to show her lover that she's wearing adult diapers. They have a good laugh, but to his surprise (and perhaps hers as well) she ends up using them. They make great time.
Categories: Original Characters: None
Summary: The main character will die once the villainess is finished using the toilet. You can decide why (I have one possible scenario on the forums). The hero can try various tricks to postpone and prolong this toilet session (like blocking her way to the toilet, stealing the toilet paper, or tricking her into reading something while she sits). He may even find a way to survive. The important thing is that this fateful toilet session is well-documented.
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Summary: A young girl wets her bed, afraid a monster will get her if she walks to the bathroom. Her caregiver (probably her step-mother or father's girlfriend) punishes her with unreasonable severity. But soon the adult woman starts seeing the monsters too. She can't say anything to another adult without sounding crazy. They keep her out of her own bathroom and won't give her any peace until she's been completely humiliated.
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