Original Character by FallenStar

Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star Online, can two fans of these totally different series succesfully blend the two worlds togeather?

Follow the lives of Kim and Suki, two girls who love each other as they venture the world and space meeting new people and experance new things

Categories: RP2Fic, Original Characters: Alice Ni Nan/Starr, Becky Anna Starr, Hon'tyl, Kimberly Ann Starr, Mizu Hasazashi, Nikki Ni, Sara Starr, Sashi Nihon, Smith Starr, Suki Ai Nihon, Suu
Warnings: Bondage, Desperation, Diaper, Futanari, Loli, Loli (High School), Masturbation, Straight sex, Urination, Voyeur, Wetting, WS, Yuri
Series: RP 2 Fic
Chapters: 67 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 256377 Read Count: 3990
Published: Oct 26, 2007 Updated: Oct 28, 2007 [Report This]