Captive Cosplayer by Jimmy Olsen
Summary: A girl takes cosplay pics of herself as a damsel in distress using the stone wall in her family's basement as a backdrop. She even takes a timer-photo of herself locked in an ankle bracelet (an antique her dad plans to sell). It's so rusty she can't open it up and is trapped with her cell phone just out of reach. Someone happens upon her a few hours later. She wants him to get her out and never tell anybody this happened (because she's embarrassed by her own stupidity and because the antique might have to be ruined to free her). He loves seeing her powerless because she's normally pretty controlling. He lets her out, but not before lots and lots of teasing (which only intensifies once he notices she needs the bathroom). Maybe he frees her just in time to save her princess panties. Maybe she wets before she's free. Maybe he offers her an antique chamber pot as a joke and she's so desperate she actually uses it. These things are up to the writer.
Categories: Original
Characters: None
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