A Sisters Rivalry by donkeykong207
Summary: Two 18 year old fraternal twin sisters, who both have chronic flatulence that they have tried desperately to hide for years, get into an argument. Both of them feel that there sphincter control is better than the other and aim to proof it. They make a bet with one another. Since they have the same classes together all day at the high school they go to they decide to have a contest to see who can hold there farts the longest. They must try to hold there farts as long as possible but both find this much harder than they expected. One girl, in desperation puts a cork up her butt in order to prevent her farts from slipping in P.E. class. The other, being less resourceful it seems, tries to use her thong to hold it back by giving herself a permanent wedgie with a small budgie cord she found in shop class the other day. Unbelievably, despite fighting major cramps and unending pressure on there rears, they manage to hold it all day. On the bus home however both are desperate. Each knowing they wont last much longer decides they are gonna have to cheat. They then sit in different seats in the bus so that there sister won't hear them. The bus is far to compact to sneak a fart, everybody would hear it including the sisters but that's not why they sat away from each other. Each sisters secretly texts there mother giving her a lie about the others sister. Now the two sister hadn't gotten in real trouble since they were twelve when there mother had spanked both of them. The sisters both think that if they can get there mother to spank the other than they will lose it and they can win. When her mother receives these texts she is skeptical. She quickly puts together that these are lies aimed at getting her to spank the other. Unknown to the girls, the mother had actually heard there argument the other night and knew all about there bet. The mother, disgusted with her daughters lying to her like that but also concerned with there health knowing that they had never held it this long, decides she will spank both of them. When they get home the mother calls them to the living room were she then grabs them and puts them on her knee with each of there bubble buts facing the opposite direction of one another and then begins to spank them. The sudden spanking was a surprise to both and each were just barley able to clench up in time. This didn't last long however, as there mother spanked them to pressure was simply to much. First the girl had given herself a protective wedgie looses it then the girl with a cork in her butt loses it as well shooting the cork into her pants. Her mother makes a shocked comment and asked it that was a cork that came out. Then other girl yells that that was cheating and that she won. The other girl says there was no rule against it and then there mother noticing the budgie hidden under the girls shirt quickly undoes it making any resistance the other girl had leave her as well amping up her farts ten fold, The mother comments on the budgie as well causing both girls to become even more thoroughly embarrassed then before as they still unloaded as there mother spanked them. Each girl totally defeated finally lose it and starts unloading as there mother continues to spank them. The sudden relief came with a price though. As the gas continued to force it's way out, the girls realized they had also been holding back last nights broccoli and artichoke dinner. Now both desperate to poop, they try to squirm out of there mothers arms but she holds on to them tight. they plead with her to stop both to embarrassed to admit they had to poop but she won't let go, Finally one of the girls manages to break free and runs up stairs to the toilet were she has a loud gassey dump accompanied with numerous moans and sighs of relief. The other girl is not so lucky. With her sister gone her mother gained a even firmer hold on her other daughter and continued to spank her. This proofs to much for the previously budgie corded girl who finally loses it and poops her pants acompained with loud gaseous explosions. Her mothers despite her daughter pooping her pants in front of her still continues to spank until she has completely finished pooping. (I know this is a big request but theirs nothing like it as far as I know and I would really appreciate somebody making it.)
Categories: Original
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