Hot Springs Planet Tenrei Jim Challenge by Encounter
Summary: The infamous episode of Outlaw Star but with Jim as the main focus

Jim goes out looking for Caster Shells for Gene, finds Ark and Hadul, and they make him the same deal they made Gene. They'll give him shells #9 and #13, but only if he goes to the hot spring resort on top of Mount Nyotai, and record whatever their old partner Urt is doing, including dirty footage of her.

He goes to Mount Nyotai, nearly getting buried in snow, and falling into Urt's hot springs. She takes him in and gives him first aid. When Jim explains why he came there, she challenges him to a friendly game of ping pong in exchange for the #4 shells, which he wins. Upon explaning that Ark and Hadul wanted him to record, Urt decides to help him, and leaves to tape a video for him. Playfully warning him not to watch it himself when she returns, as he's too young.

When Jim returns to Ark and Hadul, they give him the shells in exchange for the video.But heeding Urt's advice, he leaves as soon as he gets them. Ark and Hadul watch Urt's tape, but instead of showing a striptease, it shows her sitting on the toilet taking a megadump. Disgusting them both and self destructing, leaving them charred from the explosion

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