Wet Day in Science Class by packrat
Summary: A girl wakes up late one morning and has to rush to class.  She rushes through her daily routine (washing, eating, drinking A LOT) and somehow gets to class before she would be counted late.  Unfortunately, as soon as the teacher closes the door, she realizes that she forgot to do the most important thing: pee.  To make matters worst, the teacher, a hard ass who does not allow students to leave the classroom for ANYTHING, is teaching a lesson on the digestive system.  Specifically, the urinary tract.  With all the references to fluids and bladder contractions, can the girl hold out until the end of the period?
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Summary: Past Featured StoryAn inexperienced substitute teacher struggles to control her class and her bladder.
Categories: Original, Story Contest XXII Characters: None
Warnings: Desperation, Embarrassment, Urination, Voyeur
Challenges: Wet Day in Science Class
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Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
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