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Title: Monika’s Release Reviewer: Faust24x Signed
Absolutely love this story.
I especially love the emphasis you put on hearing the gas pangs as they move through her. Her personality is great and sexy, the teases and traps of a good fart-fiction intro are there. This is gonna be strange, but your fart onomatopoeias are some of the best I've seen, I could genuinely picture the sound of the fart where as some other stories you kind of read it and assume what it sounds like.

This story had great pacing I feel like stories of this length suit your writing perfectly. Aside from that I don't really have much in the way of negative or constructive criticism aside from keep doing what you're doing

Great Fart Fic. Eager to see what you put out next.

Author's Response: Glad to hear all this, thanks so much!
Date: Apr 23, 2020 03:27 pm [Report This]
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