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Title: First incident Reviewer: Teesle Signed
You made a happy man out of me for this evening, I appreciate it = )

Author's Response: No problem. Glad you enjoyed it.
Date: Oct 07, 2008 12:56 pm [Report This]
Title: First incident Reviewer: jukebox Signed
It's good.  A few grammatical errors here and there (missed words and what not), but overall it was good.  Mostly, I'm just happy to learn what came before part 3.

Author's Response:

Of course. I'm sure there were some here reading the third and going 'what the hell, I don't see the first two?!'

Now the trilogy is whole again.

Date: Oct 07, 2008 01:09 am [Report This]
Title: First incident Reviewer: Omnipresent Signed
This is indeed a very accurate recreation of my old story. I'm glad you decided to resurrect this one as it was always one of my favorites, well done.

Author's Response:

Thanks, it means a lot hearing it from the original creator. I was wondering, have you ever thought about remaking your Gullwings story? If not, could you at least remind me of what happened so that I could redo it perhaps?

Anyway, glad you enjoyed it. :D

Date: Oct 06, 2008 02:06 pm [Report This]
Title: First incident Reviewer: Poowrite Signed
I've always prefered accidents that are, well, accidential as opposed to intentional panty-pooping. I like when the character reacts with shame, humiliation, anger or otherwise in a negetaive manner more than I like when she enjoys it.

So, the first part of this three-part epic has always been my favorite and this is a pretty faithful re-creation of it.

Author's Response:

Thanks, I wasn't sure if I had gotten precisely or not. But at least now everyone can enjoy the series as a whole again, hopefully someone'll turn up the originals someday.

Date: Oct 05, 2008 09:18 pm [Report This]
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