Title: Madison's sleepless night Reviewer: livinginfinite Signed
Hey Orpheum, great story. I watched the scene on youtube and I think you nailed the atmosphere. The entire build up to the accident worked very well for me. My preference would've been for her to soil herself during the fighting, or as a direct result of being scared, but you know...there's more important things than making me happy! :P Also, I've been thinking...maybe clean up scenes are important. I always feel a little unsatisfied when a story ends immediately after the accident. Just a thought anyway, keep writing awesome stuff!

Author's Response: Well I did imply the fear and anxiety of the attack did scare the shit out of her (literally in both the dream and real life :P). Of course, it would have been hard to make it happen while she was being grabbed, tossed, strangled, stabbed beaten, and dragged, so I think it works out having her fear poo happen right at the height of it :D
Date: Feb 23, 2011 02:43 am [Report This]

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