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Summary: Setting (Timeframe): 27th & 28th centuries

Brief Plot: It's the end of the world as we know it. Can a small group of military boys & girls save the human race?
Rated: Y
Categories: Original, Other, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy VI Characters: Kefka
Warnings: Loli
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Word count: 3282 Read: 656
Published: Jan 19, 2012 Updated: Jan 19, 2012
Story Notes:
It's Final Fantasy meets Resident Evil meets BlazBlue, but MOST of the characters in the story are original.

This story is not like most of the stuff on this site. For one, there's a non-adult-rated storyline. The rest, you'll see for yourselves.

Hope you enjoy.

There is a powerful military collaboration between several nations codenamed the Ultima Genome Military Initiative, commonly referred to as the Ultima Genome, or just Ultima. The Ultima Genome started with one mineral, a mineral that defied 22nd century science. It held the secrets to the power of the gods - hyperaccelerated healing, superhuman agility, the strength to move mountains, and other general bending of reality - hence the name "Magicite".
Moreover, infusing Magicite with human tissue causes a genetic mutation that allows the tissue to self-generate more Magicite - a mutation which is hereditary, leading to Ultima. And each generation was stronger than the last. However, around the 2630s, the power gain from each previous generation started to plateau, indicating the power of the gods was finally at hand.
Until the birth of Ctelin Ajira, the first of the fallen gods, a generation of Ultima that outclasses the next most powerful by three orders of magnitude. Next in line was his twin sister Chelinka, psychically linked to her brother, and several others. The fallen gods held the key to saving the human race from extinction at the hands of an alien army known only as the Armageddon Empire. First-person PoV, so you can guess what happens to the protagonists. But is it what you think?

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The biographical information regarding the Fallen Gods themselves.

2. Prologue: The Origin of Ultima by Ultima02 [Reviews - 0] (1430 words)
Let the story begin!!

3. Chapter 1: Born a Deity by Ultima02 [Reviews - 0] (522 words)

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