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Challenges by plshalpbby
Summary: An 11th grader girl eats the school lunch special which is tuna casserole. What she doesn't know is that tuna and noodles are 2 years spoiled along with the milk she is drinking. During her math class the effects kick in and she desperately runs home where she experiences severe diarrhea, gas, and pooping for the rest of the day. The next morning which is Saturday she experiences the effects doubled. 
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Summary: A young woman has job interview in the morning. The night before she unfortunately eats spoiled Chinese food for dinner and foolishly drinks a spoiled milkshake for dessert knowing she has a weak stomach. The next day she takes laxatives to get rid of her constipation and heads off for her interview. During the interview the spoiled food along with the laxatives kick in and she is very desperate for the toilet. She has to finish the interview. You can decide if she makes it home or has to use the office restroom. 
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