Summary: Heather decides a little vandalism won't hurt when she answers the call of nature during her nightmarish descent.
Categories: Silent Hill Characters: Heather Mason
Warnings: Defecation, Toilet, Urination
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
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Heather Mason, Sheva Al-Omar, and Ellie Willaims, three women who have survived mutants, raiders, and unnatural beasts, are brought together in an abandoned shopping mall. They must brave through the deserted hellhole, and find their way to a sage bunker in northern Boston. But, they may lose, and gain clothing along the way.


(Crossover between Silent Hill, Last of Us, and Resident Evil. In this universe, Silent Hill exists, and the virus effecting everyone in a Resident Evil was actually caused by the fungi from the Last of Us. If Sheva isn't listed, that's because her character isn't showing up on the list,  and neither is Ellie, so that's why Heather is the only one listed, also it's not part of the Hinata series, I don't know why it's tagged that)

(Based on and by Hyro)

Categories: Other, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Resident Evil Outbreak Characters: Heather Mason
Warnings: Defecation, Desperation, Diaper, Embarrassment, Pantypoop, Toilet, Urination
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Table of Contents
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