Title: E.F.R.O. Emblem: Awakening 3—Sully Reviewer: bulu Signed
I don’t know fire emblem, but this is some amazing hot stuff you put out. A cunnilumpkin being performed is rare in any medium and you described it so well too. That and how sully shat all over the protagonist’s face as retribution did it for me. Love how sully gave him a live show too with her back facing him. Great job with the description and characters, somuchso that I had to comment!
Date: Apr 08, 2019 11:38 am [Report This]
Title: E.F.R.O. Emblem: Awakening 3—Sully Reviewer: OrpheumZero Signed

Another nice chapter. I was actually about to suggest Miriel for the next part, perhaps her becoming intriqued by the large loads the girls have been experiencing lately. So that leaves Maribelle and Sumia. I could see Maribelle perhaps in a situation similar to Lissa and Sully (following her under the guise of offering protecting, with the noblewoman being greatly offended by the claim (and embarrassed) before relenting and revealing she's maybe gone in the presence of the other girls and hates to think a refined lady like herself would have such "interests" before Miriel comes in. If it's Sumia, perhaps she has a slight accident during some training, and ends up having to relieve herself, perhaps getting some words of encouragement that help her with her crush on Chrom and being more forward with him.


After that, it'll be fun to see if the other girls come into the picture like Tharja, Panne, Nowi, or Anna for example. I can guess the future kid characters are out of the question just because of how far-fetched it already is getting lucky with the present girls (lol).

Author's Response:
Thanks for the response! I'm doing all the playable girls in order based on their first map appearance whether playable or not, so after Miriel is Sumia, then Maribelle, and so on so forth. Also, I'd hate to bum you out, but while those are neat suggestions I've pretty much figured how the encounters will go, although your suggestions for Miriel and Sumia aren't that far off. Maribelle will actually be the first true dominatrix the story will see, and all the other playable females will get a chapter for each one.
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Title: E.F.R.O. Emblem: Awakening 2—Lissa Reviewer: OrpheumZero Signed

*Making a thumbs up gesture* Nice. I had almost forgotten my original review mentioning Lissa. Certainly an interesting take that she's something of a pervert. It'll be fun to see how you handle Sully, given her gruff nature. I could imagine she's more sheepish than even Robin was, lol. Either way, it'll be fun to see more of the girls get covered as time goes on. 

Date: Mar 02, 2019 12:43 am [Report This]
Title: E.F.R.O. Emblem: Awakening 1—Robin Reviewer: f4k3sk1llz Signed

i would love to read more of this :)

i'm also wondering who else is going to feuture ? 

lissa ? sully ? 

Date: Jun 02, 2017 12:48 pm [Report This]
Title: E.F.R.O. Emblem: Awakening 1—Robin Reviewer: JWPoop Signed
Great story, hope you write more soon.  Love to read of girls grunting out their turds!!
Date: May 28, 2017 06:14 pm [Report This]
Title: E.F.R.O. Emblem: Awakening 1—Robin Reviewer: OrpheumZero Signed

Pretty fun story. Interesting way to do it with the self-incert character as opposed to using two existing characters to tell the story.

Curious to see if Lissa will be next, she was pretty cute. 

Date: May 26, 2017 07:31 pm [Report This]

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