Backseat Bursting by paragon
Summary: Stuck in traffic, a group of girls are suddenly hit with the need to urinate. But when the driver fills up the only bottle in the car, her passengers find their only reiief is in the form of a large towel in the backseat. They must pass around the single towel and relieve themselves little by little into it (or it'll flood), sitting in each other's wet spots and having to deal with using the bathroom right next to each other. Naturally, they end up fighting over how much of the towel one person used, if someone is too shy to go, how much more can the towel hold, etc.
Categories: Original
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An unfortunate group of girls, desperate to pee and nowhere to go, find that their only source of relief is... 'unconventional'.

Categories: Original Characters: None
Warnings: Desperation, Loli, Loli (High School), Wetting, WS
Challenges: Backseat Bursting
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 3135 Read Count: 1333
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