Checkup Complications by paragon
Summary: Right in the middle of a physical exam (or what have you) at the doctor's office, a female patient is suddenly overcome with the need to relieve herself, but tries to hold it until she starts leaking and/or farting right in front of the doctor, right into her exposed undies (because she's in a medical gown, (un)dressing, lying down while being examined "down there," etc.). Either she admits she has to go or the doctor embarassingly points out her situation, which then leads into how she could possibly relieve herself mid-exam. She asks for a bedpan or some kind of container, but the clinic has no such hospital-level materials, and the doctor brings her a diaper instead. Whether or not she relieves herself in private and whether or not the doctor continues the exam while she tries to use or not use the garment, is up to you. The diaper need not be an adult one if the doctor takes it from, say, the pediatric wing of the clinic.
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A young woman goes to the doctor for a routine physical and checkup only to ind that she is going to show the doctor much more than usual. 

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Warnings: Defecation, Desperation, Diaper, Embarrassment, Farting, Humiliation, Voyeur
Challenges: Checkup Complications
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