Desperate Teacher by Jimmy Olsen
Summary: Issuing this as a challenge might be beating a dead horse, since it was unpopular as a contest, but I'm putting it here anyway, just in case somebody sometime gets inspired by it. The theme is that a teacher has to go to the bathroom badly while teaching a class. The easiest way to write this would probably to have a substitute called in at the last minute who is in such a hurry to get prepared before class begins that she neglects to use the restroom. And then she can't just excuse herself from class to go, since that would be a copout for the readers, and I think it's against some rule, since I never once had a teacher do that. Imagine an art teacher who slips into the back room where the sink is and tries to pee in it while all the students are in the main room. Or imagine a substitute life science teacher who's bursting to pee and by a cruel irony is supposed to go over how the human urinary system works (maybe if she's bold enough she pees into a beaker and tells the class it was a demonstration that was part of the lesson plan). Or imagine a ballet instructor who's supposed to flawlessly demonstrate the moves her class is supposed to learn while it's all she can do to not break into a pee dance. The possibilities are endless! It's also worth mentioning that "Sailor Moon," "Azumanga Daioh," "Chobits," "Onegai Sensei," and "Mao-chan" all have cute teacher characters.
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Summary: After a teacher sends a juvenile student to detention yet again, that said student uses her own body against her.
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Warnings: Defecation, Desperation, Embarrassment, Farting, Toilet, Voyeur
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